Up North Vinyl

Hi Lo Outlets – Vendor #07

From Beautiful Northern Michigan

Up North Vinyl offers endless products and has a ton of ideas on how to make your item a one of kind piece. Anything from heat pressed pillow cases, tshirts, hoodies to one of a kind mugs, car decals to a personalized stuffed animal for that special someone in your life. We are continually looking for new and exciting products to personalize for our clients.

Up North Vinyl is a great place to order custom made products for any occasion. All our products are made with premium grade vinyl. We handle your custom product with the care and love that it deserves that you can have a one of kind product to enjoy in your home or for that special someone.

What is vinyl you might ask? Vinyl is something that sits on top of your product verses being imprinted into your product. If you have ever bought a decal for your car, you have bought vinyl before. We have specialize in waterproof vinyl and heat vinyl that gets pressed into your items.

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