Milk Bucket Goat Soap

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We offer a wide range of products using our Dairy Goat milk from our family farm along with some key health ingredients to give you a top notch product that you can be proud you are putting on your body.

Goat milk is loaded with Vitamins D, C, B1, B12 and E. It has antibacterial (delays the growth of microbial organisms) and anti-inflammatory (the fat molecules in the cream is a moisturizer) properties!

Handmade in Lowell, Michigan.

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The Milk Bucket Goat Soap Company originated in October 2016. It came into fruition when we had milked 5 does all that summer and had a freezer and a half full of frozen goat milk. It was decided that it was time that the goats ‘earned their keep’. So with that we tried to decide whether to make goat cheese or goat soap. I had a rare opportunity to attend a soap making class September 2016; and after growing up in an artistic family, I knew instantly that is what I needed to strive for.

This has not been a one man business. The whole family has a part in this! From measuring out oils and un-molding the soap loaves, to cutting the loaves and hand stamping each bar; we make sure every soap bar is carefully inspected and an ID tag is gently added to the bag. Please know that each and every product is personally made for you with thought and care. We strive for perfection. We put long hard hours into each item. Without proper goat care and planning on the farm, we would be without a plethora amount of goat milk to keep the business flowing. It‘s amazing on how everything ties together.