About Hi Lo Outlets

The Hi Lo Outlets store north of Home Depot in Cadillac is under new ownership as of mid-July. And Jason and Anita Kvasnak are eager for shoppers to get to know their family and the changes they have made to the discount retail store.

“We are thrifty shoppers and we want to give back to the community by providing that experience to other shoppers,” said Anita Kvasnak.

“My husband Jason and I liked shopping at Hi Lo and when we found out the owners were willing to sell, we thought it was the perfect opportunity.”

The Kvasnak family moved to Marion about three years ago. Before that, the Michigan natives were stationed in Colorado. Jason is a combat-wounded, disabled veteran. They have two daughters ages 7 and 2 who are sometimes “greeters” at the front door. “We are just really excited about this opportunity,” she said. “It’s been an exciting ride and we love getting customers through word-of-mouth. That lets us know we are doing a good job. We’ve been making improvements and when we go through new pallets to decide what to put out in the store, we are like kids at Christmas.”

Although the couple only took ownership a few weeks ago, they are already seeing trends in what people are looking for. “Our hardware section isn’t doing well and the biggest demand so far is for kids, babies, toys, house wares and pets,” Anita said. “We have two small kids so I can do that in my sleep.” The couple has placed a comment bag in the store so customers can request the items they would like to see on the shelves.

“I guess people are rediscovering us because the store was already here,” she said. “Everything is positive. The store is cleaner with newer stock. We’ve been getting in new stock every day for the last two weeks so things are constantly changing over. That’s our goal. We are also here almost every day.

We like to have our faces seen in the store.” The Kvasnak family would like to invite shoppers to come in and check out their discounts before ordering online. “We are a local store,” she said. “We would like people to shop locally at our small businesses.”

Stop in and visit the Hi Lo Outlets about a 1/4 mile North of Home Depot at 3662 South Mackinaw Trail, Cadillac.